Tinnitus Treatments

How to cure tinnitus?

Tension can make your tinnitus worse; our recommendation would be to stay as relaxed as possible. There are plenty of simple explanations that once addressed, may alleviate or cure the condition.

If your tinnitus is particularly loud, which may cause you to experience sleeping difficulties or make you feel anxious and stressed, it is worth consulting your GP or your local Amplifon Audiologist/ Hearing care professional.

Underlying conditions such as ear infections or wax blockages can normally be remedied by a short course of antibiotics, eardrops or an ear irrigation. If none of these methods prove to cure the condition, you may be suffering from a more severe form.

Long term cases of tinnitus don't tend to have a complete cure, but one of the following treatments may be suggested:

Sound therapy and white noise

Most people with tinnitus also have hearing loss. Hence, Hearing aids can be an effective part of any sound therapy. While hearing aids alone can provide partial or total relief from tinnitus, sometimes they need a formal sound therapy. Sound therapy can be effective in treating tinnitus because it may make the tinnitus less noticeable or mask the tinnitus or fade tinnitus. Hearing aids are included as a critical component of a sound therapy program. Modern hearing aids come with a special tinnitus managing sounds along with digital amplification. They are much evolved over the older technology. Different products work in different ways, although most hearing aids can alleviate tinnitus, certain hearing aids have built-in technology specifically for tinnitus relief. At amplifon, we have a clearly defined way to measure and quantify chronic tinnitus. As per the severity of the problem, an appropriate combination of treatment methods is selected to deal with your tinnitus. Amplifon's hearing care professionals are specially trained in counselling procedures as well which is another critical element of sound therapy. Consult your Amplifon hearing care professional to find more details about what suits you to deal with your tinnitus problem.

One tinnitus sound therapy you can look into is white noise. White noise is simply low-level background sound that’s supposed to calm listeners down. What it does is it masks the ringing sound of tinnitus. Getting a white noise machine is a good step to take once you find that the method works for you.

Hearing aids for tinnitus

If you’re experiencing challenges with your hearing as well as tinnitus, a combination of a hearing solution with built-in sound generators can often be prescribed. You can expect improved levels of hearing which also helps to minimise the effects of the condition in the same way that sound therapy might.

Cognitive behavioural & tinnitus retraining cures

If you’re struggling with tinnitus and experience anxiety or depression relating to your condition, cognitive behavioural therapy is a form of counselling that helps you to cope and readjust your negative feelings. Tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT) can also be used in conjunction with CBT, harnessing the body's natural ability to tune out sounds and make it part of your subconscious mind rather than at the forefront.

Tinnitus medication

Although medication will not cure tinnitus itself, antidepressants can sometimes be prescribed if it’s making you feel depressed and anxious, often in combination with CBT or TRT.

If you are struggling with the condition, there are some steps you can take to enable you to feel in control of the situation. You may find that relaxation exercises such as yoga or listening to calming music before bedtime can provide substantial relief. Sharing your experience with others can also help reduce any feelings of isolation.

Your local expert hearing care professionals are also available to help answer any questions you may have or provide any guidance as to next steps so that you can continue discovering the world of sound.

Natural treatments for tinnitus

Tinnitus, which is widespread, often has consequences for everyday life. The spa treatment can be considered as a natural solution against tinnitus, to relieve them.

Whistling, buzzing ... tinnitus can manifest itself in different ways. If they are a simple embarrassment when they are temporary, they can quickly become a nightmare when they are permanent. The causes of tinnitus are numerous but very difficult to identify. Today, there is little allopathic treatment to treat tinnitus.

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