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Hearing aids for kids and children

Your child's ears are the gates of his brain. Hearing is essential to help develop speech and communication skills. Amplifon offers simple solutions and especially a specialized accompaniment to help your child enjoy the sounds around him and to live his childhood life. In case of hearing impairment or deafness diagnosed in your child, do not hesitate to contact one of our hearing specialists. 

To develop, your child's brain needs sound stimulators. If your child has hearing loss, there are hearing solutions specifically adapted to his age and level of loss.

Hearing aids for children of varying ages are now more accessible than before. Not to mention, there are also numerous types of hearing aid accessories for kids that are suited to their specific level of hearing loss. Parents will be thrilled to know that pediatric hearing aids will ensure that their children are able to live more normal lives thanks to today’s technology. Toddler hearing aids have been made available in recent years together with baby hearing aid options to address the condition as early as possible. 

Hearing aid types for children

Hearing aids for children are designed to allow them to recognize sounds and distinguish voices to develop language and communication. 

There are different types of sophisticated and high-tech hearing aids, depending on the child's age and type and degree of deafness. It is usually a BTE hearing aid because it is the type of device that has the best level of support, safety and comfort. For babies, there are many techniques and accessories to help keep hearing aids like hypoallergenic tape or animal clips.

In addition to the performance of these hearing aids, their aesthetics are also designed for the child: he can choose the colors of his hearing aid and decorate it with appropriate stickers. He can better appropriate his everyday accessory.

Implants for children deafness

The auditory implant is also an effective solution to fight against the deafness of the child if the hearing aid is not possible. It is even more effective when the operation is done at a young age. This solution nevertheless requires one or more surgical procedures.

Your ENT doctor will guide you to the best solution for your child. The Audiologist/ Hearing care professional as well as the entire team of health professionals surrounding your child will accompany you in each step of the fitting of your child and over the years.

Should you ever find that hearing aids will not work for your kids, your next option is to consider auditory implants. It is a surgical procedure and may put any parent in a state of worry but knowing its benefits will surely help. 

Benefits of auditory implants for children with hearing difficulties:

  • Ability to hear people talk without difficulty or straining
  • Pay better attention to auditory details in the environment 
  • Awareness of their own speaking volume and being able to adjust it 
  • Ease of understanding others around them
  • Doing away with lip-reading or other perception techniques and being able to understand speech

Even without pediatric hearing aids, your children have a chance at a normal life with auditory implants. Auditory implants are also known as cochlear implants (CI) and are used for severe cases of hearing loss. It comes in the form of an electronic medical device and is meant to do the work a damaged inner ear can no longer do. As opposed to hearing aids for children, CI do not merely amplify sounds. CI are designed to deliver sound signals to your child’s brain.

Amplifon Audiologist giving to his client a pair of Behind-The-Ear hearing aids

So in case of doubt, do not hesitate to consult an ENT doctor or contact one of our clinics to conduct a hearing assessment and benefit from appropriate advice.

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The cost of a hearing aid for kids

To date, the management of a hearing aid is more important for a child than for an adult up to 20 years. Social Security takes care of part of the auditory equipment with the help of complimentary health. For parents, the rest of the burden is very low, if not zero. In addition, the staff of our clinics is specifically trained to advise, guide and support parents in their administrative procedures. We consider that the financial aspect should not be a brake to equip hearing aids.

Because hearing is crucial to your child's development, we can not stress enough the importance of care as soon as possible. The public authorities recognize this importance by guaranteeing full and free care up to 20 years. 

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