Special signal systems for your safety

Home security systems for hearing impaired

When your hearing is not quite as powerful, it not only affects understanding conversations or enjoying music. With the deafness one of our sensory perceptions is weakened, which means that we may not recognize dangers in time.

Bellman phone transmitter for your house
The uneasy feeling of ignoring important sounds.

During the day, well-tuned hearing aids can compensate for this very well: An approaching car can be heard, warning calls or beeps, the bell and the telephone. But if at night or in the evening, the hearing aids are stored, it will be quiet. 

The importance of security systems for the hearing impaired

Above all, due to the technological developments in the digital and thus wireless field, there is today for all problem situations a sophisticated, technical solution. Some of these signal systems are even taken over by the health insurance companies.

The traffic signal system can do even more

The radio traffic signal systems described in the above example can also be coupled with other devices via the wireless receivers. This traffic signal system for the deaf and hard of hearing can also be connected to the bell and the telephone, for example. The bell for the hard of hearing can be attached either in addition or as an alternative to the previous bell. To stay with the example above: When the doorbell is ringing, this is indicated in the kitchen, bedroom, living room and office with flashes of light. Another handy receiver is a mobile receiver that can always be carried through the house in your pocket. No matter what room you are in, he will give you a vibration alert.

For example, it is possible to link to such a radio system:

  • bell
  • phone
  • baby monitors
  • alarm system
  • water sensors
  • window contacts

Security throughout the house

The radio traffic signal system can also be connected to various devices that provide a secure feeling when it comes to burglary protection. A well combinable element is the alarm mat. When she enters, she triggers the traffic light. Another option is to attach door and window safety contacts. They can also be coupled to the light signals. If a door or window were opened violently, the light signals would indicate it. The deterrent effect of the light signals on the burglars should not be underestimated either. In some cases, even existing alarm systems can be integrated into the light signal system. The technical possibilities are particularly extensive, since devices with radio signals can be networked very well with each other. Even devices from different manufacturers are often well compatible. Let us advise you. With a little planning, meaningful security concepts can be developed that exactly match your living situation and your lifestyle. Ask in yoursAmplifon store after. 

Smoke detector with sound, light and vibration

Of course, very important is the protection against fire at night. Meanwhile, smoke detectors are also required by law in private homes. For a good reason: you do not smell anything in your sleep. This means that the very organ that draws our attention to the slight smell of smoke during the day has a break. Smoke alarms for the deaf therefore work with flashes of light. For the hard of hearing, there is a special solution: Smoke detectors , which are particularly loud and at the same time give a signal to a receiver  device. Through this receiver device signals can be forwarded throughout the house. The signal from the smoke detector can thus be routed to devices with a vibration alarm or with light flash signals. 


An example: In the entrance area of ​​a house, the smoke detector measures smoke. He gives a very loud signal and sends to the receiver. But the sleeping person is one floor higher and does not have his hearing aid in operation. He does not hear the signal. The receiver now activates the alarm clock  with the flashlight and the vibrating alarm next to the bed, as well as the traffic lights in the living room, in the kitchen and in the study. Wherever you were in the house without a hearing aid, you would have heard the warning signal. Ask your Amplifon hearing care professional : he can show you the equipment and plan with you how to install a sensible safety net in the house.

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