Phones for hearing impaired

Amplified phones and mobile phones

Easy to reach anytime, anywhere, and understand others well on the phone: Amplifon has special phones and phones for the hard of hearing with extra large buttons and other useful hearing aid accessories for communication. 

PowerTel M9000: amplified mobile phone
PowerTel M9000: the Senior Smart Phone

Hearing aid compatible, volume gain, max. 6 hours long conversation, large font and user interface for easier reading.

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Phones for hearing impaired

Suffering from hearing loss not only affects your hearing in live conversations, it makes using the telephone a real challenge. But because of today’s inclusive technology, phones for people hard of hearing are now available. Hearing aid phones are a great way to live life normally despite the hearing loss. 

Big button corded or cordless phones

Telephones for people hard of hearing come with features that make using the device easy. Landline phone for the hard of hearing are designed with buttons that are larger than those you’ll find on regular telephones. They also come with added adjustability levels to cater to the specific and varying needs of people who have hearing loss problems. Further fine tuning settings can be found on the home phones for hearing impaired. Visual signals are also built into the cordless phones for the hearing impaired. These visual signals come in the form of blinking lights. Quick dialing features are designed to make calling easy for everybody. These special features found in the telephones made especially for hearing impaired people are made to make their lives easier, encouraging them to continue on with a positive outlook despite their condition. 

This phone also transmits sound directly into one’s hearing aids apart from its special features.

Cell phones and smartphones

  • Strong amplification (up to 40 dB)
  • Large large print display
  • Large keys
  • With or without flap, sliding or not
  • Compatibility with hearing aids
  • Speaker or amplified hands-free
  • Keys dedicated to specific functions (direct memory with automatic dialing)
  • Classic functions: SMS, MMS, phonebook, radio, camera ...
  • Smartphone model availability

Did you know ? More and more connected, seniors are also better equipped. While 8% of them had a smartphone in 2012, they are now over 35%. Technology is becoming more democratic and its handling is becoming simpler. This allows the world to enjoy it.

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