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How to listen to music with hearing loss

Feb, 26, 2024
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Can people with hearing loss enjoy music?

It is possible for people with a hearing impairment to still enjoy music. The only difference is that they play music through their hearing aids. Those suffering from severe hearing loss may notice that rhythms sound less vibrant or that it is more difficult to distinguish instruments or understand song lyrics. In this case, hearing aids, often equipped with Bluetooth capabilities, can help by picking up sounds that might otherwise go unnoticed, such as high-frequency notes in classical music.

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How do people with hearing aids listen to music?

Advancements in technology are revolutionising the way people with hearing aids listen to music, with both smartphones and hearing aids offering new features that allow better signal transmission. These developments signify a promising shift towards greater inclusivity and accessibility, especially for individuals with severe hearing impairments. 

With Bluetooth

Amplifon’s ampli-connect hearing aids are cutting-edge devices with Bluetooth technology that allow for direct audio streaming directly through the hearing aids, enhancing the listening experience. These devices offer a seamless and intuitive connection to TVs, smartphones, and stereos, and complete control over all listening functions at any time, thanks to the Amplifon app. To set up the Bluetooth connection, go to settings on your tablet or smartphone and make sure that Bluetooth is activated on your device. Once enabled, pair the hearing aids by selecting them from the list of available devices.

Without Bluetooth

If you prefer to listen to music with a hearing aid without using Bluetooth devices, here are some steps to optimise your listening experience. Use good quality headphones. Adjust the equalizer setting to suit your preferences. Listen to music in a quiet environment with minimal background noise. Ensure that the volume level remains below 85 decibels to protect your hearing health.

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Tips for enhancing your listening experience

If you're looking to improve your music listening experience while using hearing aids, whether you're at a concert or relaxing at home, there are several tips and tricks you can try out. Let's delve into some of these suggestions.

Use assistive listening devices (ALDs)

Some hearing aids are capable of functioning as assistive listening devices. These devices can receive the audio signal directly from a transmitter connected to an audio source, such as a TV or a stereo, improving the clarity of the audio. This feature can greatly benefit individuals who listen to music through their hearing aids, offering them a richer and more immersive auditory experience.

Choose high-quality headphones

To ensure you have the best possible music listening experience, we suggest investing in high-quality headphones. In today's market, there are several headphone options available with a favorable quality-to-price ratio that prioritize audio excellence and deliver a clear and detailed sound production. Additionally, for individuals with hearing difficulties, high-quality headphones can significantly improve your overall listening experience by allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the world of music with enhanced clarity and precision.

Adjust the volume in hearing aids

Adjusting the volume level in hearing aids is a fundamental feature that grants users the flexibility to customise sounds to their unique preferences. You can manually adjust the volume on most hearing aids, increasing or decreasing sounds in real-time using a button, a wheel or other types of physical adjustment controls. Moreover, it is also possible to set personalised programs, with the assistance of an audiologist or other hearing professionals, to the user's preferences and degree of hearing loss. These programs often incorporate adjustments such as fine-tuning frequency response curves and overall amplification levels. While some hearing aids can also be adjusted via remote controls that allow users to adjust the volume and settings directly from their mobile device, other models feature automatic adjustment capabilities that adapt based on the surrounding environment. This intelligent feature ensures optimal performance and comfort across various listening situations without the need for manual intervention.

Hearing aid-compatible apps

Some apps offer customised settings that enrich your music listening experience. Through these applications, users can fine-tune various parameters such as sound frequencies, volume levels, and audio settings, to name a few. Additionally, some apps may also incorporate equaliser controls, ambient noise reduction and preset modes.

Take your audio system into consideration

In order to enhance your listening experience, it is crucial to consider your audio system. Typically, an audio system is composed of a microphone to capture surrounding sounds, an amplifier to increase sound volume, and a speaker to transmit amplified sounds into the user's ear. In fact, all hearing aids are equipped with a small integrated sound system. These systems are customisable and incorporate advanced technologies to improve noise reduction and amplify and enhance environmental sounds to help people with hearing loss hear better.

Equaliser for personalised optimisation

The equaliser is essential for a great hearing experience, as it lets you customise the amplified sound. An audiologist or you can adjust it, depending on your device.

Multisensory approaches beyond hearing aids

To engage your other senses while enjoying music, you can create a multi-sensory experience by involving sight, touch, and taste. 

  • Sight: set a visual tone by using colored lights or projectors to match the music visually. You can also watch music videos or attend concerts that sync with your music. 
  • Touch: add an interactive element by playing an instrument or dancing along to the music. For a deeper experience, try meditating while listening to music by closing your eyes and focusing on feeling the music. 
  • Taste: pair food or drinks with your music to enhance your experience by stimulating both your auditory and gustatory senses.

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