Digital Hearing Aids

We are the front runners in adopting innovative digital hearing aid technologies and developing solutions to improve your overall hearing experience. We perfectly blend innovative technologies, scientific knowledge and human touch to recreate and immersive all round hearing experience that is beyond expectations.

Today's digital hearing aids are very small and discreet and contain a microchip - a miniature computer that helps us fine tune and completely customise your hearing solution to your individual requirements allowing you to lead and more enriched life.

This means having a conversation in a busy or windy place without hearing loud background noise is effortless.       


Digital technology has allowed hearing aid solutions to become smaller with more discreet options available yet still being able to provide you with a true to life sound experience. There are a variety of designs and colours that you can choose from to fit in with your personality and lifestyle.

 You can choose designs and colours to match your hair colour or skin tone. Some hearing aids are so small that you can barely see them at all giving you new opportunities to engage and interact with the world around you.                     

Due to the human touch that you can expect from our expert Audiologists, the customisation of your hearing aid will help you fully enjoy personal and social experiences again. Some of those customisations include:

  • Understanding clearly, speech from background noise
  • Depending on the environment or situation you are in, the volume can be automatically adjusted
  • Allow seamless integration into your life in a range of different situations, such as listening to music or playing golf on a windy day

With prices of our digital hearing aids costing as little as £395, why not book an appointment at your local Amplifon store and find out how we can improve your hearing.

Analogue hearing aids

The first electronic hearing aids were 'analogue' which are still used today.

Analogue hearing aids amplify sound - but that's all they do. They amplify all sound equally so that background noise is louder too. They struggle to help you distinguish between the sounds you want to hear and the sounds you want to reduce.

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