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Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests in Farnborough

If you've started to notice changes in your hearing, don't leave it, it worth getting your hearing tested by attending a free hearing check at Amplifon Farnborough. Small changes in your hearing can have big impacts in your day to day life. We can help support and advise you on the options available to you.

Whether you're after a hearing check or a hearing aid tune-up, our range of services will help you to hear better for the long term. Our comprehensive hearing test is free of charge, and is undertaken by an expert Hearing Aid Audiologist. From this, they will look at the situations and environments that trouble you most, if any, and tailor a hearing solution for you.

With a wide selection of hearing aids to choose from, we are very well placed within the industry to find the perfect style and fit for you that you feel comfortable with.

All our customers become part of our Lifetime Aftercare Programme which includes servicing, repairs and hearing reassessments. With over 200 hearing centres around the country, call in to your Amplifon Farnborough today or call us on 01252 939299.

Please find below a list of services provided by Amplifon Farnborough.

  • Free No obligation Hearing Test
  • Latest Digital Hearing Aid technology
  • Personalised service
  • Free trial
  • Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Communication and Noise Protection Products
  • Aftercare service
  • 5* service checks
  • Expert advice and support


To find out more about the services that Amplifon Farnborough offer, why not give us a call on 01252 939299 (local call rates apply) or to book a free no obligation hearing test use the button below.