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Rediscover your hearing with our flexible 12, 24 or 36 month payment plans. T&C's apply.
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Affordable Hearing Technology

We recognise that hearing aids can be costly, but we see them as an investment in your overall health.

To make things easier, we now offer interest-free payment plans over 12, 24 or 36 months, meaning bringing back the sounds you know and love is more affordable than ever.

We have partnered with FlexiGroup Limited to offer Humm Interest Free Payment Plans to our customers a simple and convenient way to purchase hearing aids and pay for them over time.

Start by filling in the above form to book an appointment at your closest clinic. Our friendly team members will be able to assist you with an application form and let you know if you've been approved on the spot.

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Who is Humm?

Humm is an interest free provider that offers ‘Buy Now and Pay Later’. Humm essentially provides you with a line of credit so you can your purchase now and pay it offer in installments without paying any interest.


6 easy steps to use Humm

1. Shop for your personalised hearing device

2. Apply in clinic for a Humm payment plan

3. Gain approval for your payment plan

4. Select your payment plan 12, 24 or 36 months

5. Enjoy no interest ever!

6. Pay with regular repayments 

Terms and conditions

Hearing device starting from $36 per month – with Humm Interest free payment plans

  • Amplifon is offering flexible interest free payment plans through Humm.
  • Humm terms and conditions apply – see
  • Humm eligibility criteria applies.
  • Hearing technology has never been more affordable starting from $36 per month. This price is based on a 36-month interest free payment plan;
  • The following monaural hearing aid devices: Mirum 3 NANO RITE, Mirum CIC X, Mirum CIC P from Bernafon; and
    • $36 includes cost of hearing aids + monthly Humm fee$36 per month is based on Berfafon Mirum 3 NANO RITE, Mirum CIC X, Mirum CIC P. The price of the hearing aid is $1000 and repayments over 36 months
    • $36 per month includes $8 month Humm fee, equating to $288 over the full term
    • $16.51 fortnightly payments over 78 fortnights (3 years) = $1287.78. $1287.78 / 36 months = $35.77
    • $36 per month has been rounded up from $35.77 for illustrative purposes
  • Australian Hearing Services Program (HSP) fully funded and Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) customers that choose to top-up (contribute an out of pocket) amount towards their hearing aids are eligible for the $36 per month with Humm. The customer will be required to pay the remainder of the invoice after the HSP fund­ing has been applied.
  • The hearing devices, Mirum 3 NANO RITE, Mirum CIC X, Mirum CIC P from Bernafon, are not eligible for any other discount offer.