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Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests in Crediton

If you've noticed changes in your hearing, or have concerns that you are missing parts of the conversations with your family and friends, why not book a free hearing test at Amplifon's Crediton day centre. You can expect to receive advice and support on many aspects of your hearing, all provided by specialist Hearing Aid Audiologists. Take the first step to better hearing by booking a free hearing test today.

Booking a free hearing test is the first step to reconnecting yourself to the world of sounds and hearing things you may have missed. At your appointment we'll ask you some questions about the situations where you are having difficulty and your lifestyle, this will help us advise on the best hearing solution for you. We pride ourselves on our personalised services with over 65 years experience, you couldn't be in safer hands.

You have a wide selection of devices available to you from leading manufacturers and with the latest innovative digital technology you can control your hearing aid through your smartphone or if you want something a little simpler, we have plenty of devices offering high quality sound for a variation in environments.

Why not try our hearing aids out as part of our free trial service and see if yourself the difference it could make. We'll also provide you with lifetime aftercare, so if you need any support with your device, you can just pop in and ask. To learn more about how we can help with your hearing, come and chat to one of our experts or give us a call today on 01392 347602.

Take the first steps to better hearing by booking an appointment with us for a FREE hearing test. We'll discuss your hearing needs and, after the hearing tests, you'll have the opportunity to take a pair of hearing aids home as part of our free trial service.

At Amplifon, we're committed to providing the highest quality service and care, so come in and discover a whole new world of hearing.