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Listening devices for the house

TCL 300 Alarm clock

The Amplicomms jumbo digital alarm clock is super loud with a powerful vibrating pillow pad and flashing lights. Easy to set up with various adjustments to select your preferred tone frequency, vibration mode volume and even alert mode.

Ringflash 200

The Amplicomms doorbell and telephone ring amplifier system could help if you find it difficult to hear the telephone or doorbell ring. It will alert you using an extra loud ringer and a bright flashing light. The system outputs different sounds for doorbell and phone call so you are always aware.

TV2500 TV Listener

The Amplicomms TV Listener is completely wireless and rechargeable, this lightweight headset can help you hear the TV at your own preferred volume without affecting others. You can use it in other rooms around your home thanks to a powerful FM transmission.

TCL 210 Alarm clock

The Amplicomms portable alarm clock houses an extra large backlit display and powerful built in vibration alert. Includes bright alerting lights, adjustable volume, tone and melodies frequency. Battery operated using 3 x AA batteries (supplied). 

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