MED-EL ADHEAR non-surgical Bone Conduction system

The ADHEAR system is designed to be a discrete bone conduction solution to help treat temporary or permanent conductive hearing loss, as well as single-sided deafness.

The ADHEAR system consists of an adhesive adapter placed behind the ear and an audio processor which attaches onto the adapter. The audio processor picks up sound signals and converts them into vibrations, which are transferred to the skull via the adhesive adapter.  The natural bone conduction of the skull sends the vibrations to the inner ear where they are then perceived as sound.

The device can be easily trialled in the clinic to help you immediately understand whether the ADHEAR system is right for you.


Benefits of the MED-EL ADHEAR system:

  • Better hearing in challenging environments
  • Can be used on children (with parental consent).
  • No pressure on the skin
  • Easy to remove and re-apply
  • Fits behind the ear
  • No programming required
  • Non-surgical solution
  • Volume control
  • Improved speech understanding
  • Improved localisation

What is Conductive Hearing Loss? 

When the outer or middle ear cannot conduct sound properly, this is known as conductive hearing loss.  Examples of conductive hearing losses include, but are not limited to:

  • Chronic otitis media with effusion (glue ear)
  • Chronic otitis externa
  • Chronic wax impaction
  • Congenital ear malformations (such as aural microtia and atresia) 
  • Craniofacial malformation 
  • Damaged ossicles (middle ear bones)
  • Otosclerosis (initial state)
  • Stenosis of ear canal
  • Tympanic membrane (ear drum) atelectasis (adhesive processes)
  • Chronic tympanic membrane (ear drum) perforation
  • Persistent Eustachian tube dysfunction
  • Packing of ear after middle ear surgery
  • Persistently blocked ventilation tubes

The ADHEAR system can be used where bone conduction thresholds are better than or equal to 25 dB HL across the main speech frequencies).

Single Sided Deafness

The ADHEAR system is also suitable for a range of people living with single sided deafness (SSD). 

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