Lifetime Aftercare

Just as your eyesight changes with age, so does your hearing.

Seeing your Audiologist for regular hearing checks is just as important as seeing your optician. This is your chance to discuss how well your hearing aids are working for you now with the opportunity to ask us any questions you may have. Your Audiologist can adjust your hearing
aids to ensure they continue to provide the most effective and most comfortable hearing experience.

Once your hearing aids have been fitted, your Audiologist will arrange your lifetime aftercare programme to ensure you are always experiencing the maximum benefit your heraing solution keeping you connected to the world around you with maximum efficiency.

Our unrivalled programme of support includes a regular assessment and evaluation of your hearing and the health of your ears, expert support and advice, demonstrations of the latest intelligent hearing aid technology and assistive listening devices, advice and support on how to take daily care of your hearing aids and what to do when the batteries need replacing sp that you gain the benefits of high performance and adjustments to your hearing aids so you can enjoy the power of hearing in full colour every single day.

To make sure that your hearing aids are working at their optimum level for you, we strongly recommend that you come and see us for your Aftercare appointment which includes a 5 Star Service Check*

Amplifon 5-Star Service Check

  • Clean and examine contacts
  • Check tubing and batteries
  • Clean the casing and microphone duct
  • Check for acoustic feedback
  • Check hearing aid performance

*Service does not include any repair or replacement of internal electronic components or custom made ear fittings. 

Cleaning you hearing aids

You can follow our step by step guide to cleaning your hearing aid here or contact your local Audiologist for any further support and advice. This will ensure you benefit from maximum performance and lifespan of your device.

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