Lyric by Phonak: Completely invisible hearing aid

Lyric is a completely invisible hearing aid. The device disappears completely into the ear canal and thus uses the ear's anatomy to achieve natural sound quality. Once in place, the Lyric hearing aid can be worn for four months, whether for showering, phoning, playing sports, wearing headphones or sleeping. After this period, the device is replaced by a new one. Lyric hearing aids are designed specifically for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. 

Applications and benefits

  • Placement in the auditory canal by a hearing care professional
  • After several months of use, the hearing care professional carries out a complete replacement of the device
  • Can be worn continuously (sport, sleep, shower, etc.)
  • Not suitable for all ear canals and hearing loss


Why chose the Lyric?

  • Totally invisible
  • No battery change, no cleaning, no maintenance
  • 24 hours a day
  • Waterproof
  • Natural quality sound
  • Large frequency range
  • Very suitable for phoning