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BTE hearing aids care

Cleaning your BTE hearing aid

Clean your BTE hearing aid step by step


Daily Tasks

  • Wipe down the surface of your mould with ampliclear cleaning wipes or with the ampliclear cleaningspray and cloth provided to remove any dirt or dry wax.
  • Clean all dirt collected in the sound outlet by using the brush provided. The other end of the brushcan also be used to pick free any wax that has become stuck in the sound outlet.
  • If your hearing aid has a small vent hole under the sound outlet, clean this with an ampliclear airsprayor the brush provided.
  • If there appears to be any moisture on your hearing aid, please put it into an ampliclear dry cup or anairing cupboard overnight.
  • Check your tubing for moisture droplets. If any are found, remove the tubing from the hearing aidwhere the two meet. Then use an ampliclear airball to clear the moisture before reattaching the tubing to the hearing aid.


Monthly Tasks

  • Remove the tubing from your hearing aid where the two meet. They should pull apart by holding the hook of the hearing aid and the tubing and pulling gently.
  • Use ampliclear airspray to blow air through the tubing from the end you just detached, which will clean out any wax stuck further into the tubing.
  • Alternatively you can put your mould and tubing into warm soapy water. DO NOT PUT YOUR HEARING AID NEAR THE WATER. Once you have soaked your tubing and mould you should rinse it thoroughly and leave to dry completely before reattaching to the hearing aid.


Six Monthly Tasks

  • The tubing will deteriorate over time and may affect the sound quality. This tubing needs to be changed every six to twelve months. If you feel your tubing has become hard or discoloured or the sound quality has dropped noticeably, please contact your local Amplifon hearing centre to arrange a 5 star service check, in which your Hearing Aid Audiologist will change your tubing.
  • If your hearing aid has microphone protectors these will need to be changed at least once everysix months as instructed by your Hearing Aid Audiologist. 

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