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WIDEX Super 440

Colour 7 colour choices

£3,495 per pair


Suitability Severe to profound hearing loss
Models available

RIE (Receiver in the ear)



WIDEX Super 440

The WIDEX Super 440 offers superior power and sound quality if your loved one has severe to profound hearing loss. They'll have the power to hear more with the ability to localise sound so they know exactly where the sounds are coming from. The small stylish design is packed full of power to give them the ultimate listening experience. The design of the hearing aid is extra resilient to changing weather conditions. The WIDEX Super 440 consists of intelligent technology to meet even the most challenging of situations. Your expert Audiologist will talk you through the benefits of this type of hearing solution and how it could help improve your day to day life. If you have any questions in regards to the WIDEX Super 440 hearing solution or how you can arrange a free trial, please get in contact with your local branch or book an appointment for further information and product demonstrations.

Product Features

- High frequency sounds are brought down to level that they can hear - Superior ability to hear speech - Eliminates any whistling - Helps you understand where sounds are coming from - Handles short, abrupt sounds instantly - Includes a low-frequency bandwidth for the full enjoyment of music - Zen tones programme for relaxation, concentration and tinnitus management - Easy to use

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