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Hearing aids offers: gold package


ReSound Magna 2

Colour 5 available colour choices

¬£1,195 per pair


Suitability Severe to profound hearing loss
Models available BTE (Behind the ear)

ReSound Magna 2

This digital super power BTE hearing aid will empower your loved one to get the most out of their hearing. Discover great sound quality and speech understanding. They'll know where sounds are coming from and respond and react, all thanks to the power of the Magna 2 hearing aid. Inaudible sounds are processed into audible sounds. Through personalisation of the Magna 2 hearing solution, they'll be able to experience for themselves the joys of hearing in full colour. Their expert Audiologist will talk them through the benefits of this type of hearing solution and how it could help make their day to day life a little easier. If you have any questions in regards to the ReSound Magna 2 hearing solution or how you can arrange a free trial for your loved one, please get in contact with their local branch or book an appointment for further information and product demonstrations.

Product Features

- Powerful, digital BTE (behind the ear) hearing solution - Attractive, ergonomic design with durability for easy handling - Keep a sense of what's going on around you and locate where sounds are coming from the ability to understand speech better, even when there is noise in the background - iSolate nanotech, providing protection from moisture, oil and dust for extreme durability - Easy to operate Volume Control and Programme Button - Compatible with hearing loop systems


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