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ReSound ENZO 3D

Colour Black

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Suitability Severe to profound hearing loss
Models avaliable

High Power (BTE 88)

Super Power (BTE 98)

ReSound ENZO 3D

Amplifon are proud to introduce the new ENZO 3D hearing aids from ReSound. These new state of the art hearing aids are designed to improve clarity, connectivity and convenience to people with severe to profound hearing loss. The new ENZO 3D range offers 60% more clarity and 60% better speech understanding in noise.

The ENZO 3D comes in High Power (BTE 88) and Super Power (BTE 98), our professional Audiologists can help you understand the differences and which product suits your needs. Learn more about the different types of hearing aids.

Utilising the latest technology the new range boasts surround sound, Binaural Directionality III and Spatial Sense to provide Amplifon customers with superior sound quality. This ReSound range connects to your iPhone using Bluetooth and Wireless technology via the ReSound Smart 3D app so that you can stream calls, music and more.

Discreet and durable the ENZO 3D is coated in iSolate nanotech to ensure your hearing aids are protected against dirt and moisture, allowing you to go about your day knowing your hearing aids are safe.

ReSound have engineered these hearing aids for individuals with severe and profound hearing loss. Visit an Amplifon branch or day centre to trial the latest in hearing aid technology, absolutely free.

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Technical features

Binaural Directionality III Continuous ear-to-ear exchange of data about the environment optimizes polar patterns and microphone settings in any listening situation.
Spatial Sense Combines algorithms that restore pinna cues and interaural level differences to provide the brain with natural acoustic information for spatial hearing.
Binaural Environmental Optimizer II The hearing aids work together to analyze and accurately classify the listening environment, automatically adjusting gain and noise reduction settings.
Noise Tracker II A unique spatial subtraction technology reduces unwanted noise without degrading the speech signal.
Sound Shaper High frequency sounds that are not audible due to high frequency losses or cochlear dead regions are compressed in the frequency spectrum. A proportional relationship between input and output frequencies is maintained to minimize distortion.
DFS Ultra II We were the first to launch Digital Feedback Suppression back in 1993, and now our unique, 2-channel, 2-filter system cancels acoustic feedback with even more precision.
Flexibility in amplification strategies and time constants For better personalization to your patients’ needs, ReSound ENZO 3D also offers compression modes as alternatives to WDRC that decrease the amount of applied compression – Semi-linear and Linear
Low frequency boost A convenient tool to quickly fine-tune the gain of frequencies below 1000 Hz.


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