Hearing aids: gold package


ReSound Enya 2

Colour Variety of colour choices

¬£695 per pair


Suitability Severe to profound hearing loss
Models available

BTE (Behind the ear)

ITE (In the ear)

Custom models

ReSound Enya 2

Explore the excellent sound quality and speech underdstanding in sleek, stylish designs to suit your lifestyle and budget. To be able to hold a good conversation is invaluable. With high sound quality you'll be able to immerse yourself in the world around you effortlessly. The ReSound Enya 2 hearing aid is a comfortable listening experience with ease of use giving you more time to concentrate on the things you enjoy the most. Fully compatible with a range of ReSound accessories designed to make those listening pleasures easy. Your expert Audiologist will talk you through the benefits of this type of hearing solution and how it could help improve your make your day to day. If you have any questions in regards to the ReSound Enya 2 hearing solution or how you can arrange a free trial, please get in contact with your local branch or book an appointment for further information and product demonstrations.

Product Features

- Intelligent capabilities through adaptive directionality to cancel loud sounds, multiple noise sources to give you a clear listening experience - Ability to enhance speech in the presence of noise - Wide range of discreet designs and colours - Tinnitus sound therapy management to help you divert attention away from your tinnitus symptoms - Volume control through your smartphone


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