Hearing solution thats first class for Merchant Navy Trainer

 Neil Penman, Amplifon customer
01 October 2017

Hearing solution thats first class for Merchant Navy Trainer

Classroom questions are loud and clear for Neil Penman thanks to his hearing solution

Good hearing and communication is essential when you teach, but a combination of tinnitus and work related hearing loss meant Merchant Navy trainer Neil Penman was missing the important questions his students were asking.

Now he’s top of the class and can join the conversation even in the noisiest of environments after visiting Amplifon.

Working in noisy engine rooms on board Royal Navy ships at the start of his career had impacted Neil’s hearing, but only became noticeable in his late forties.

“I started to have ringing in my ears all the time and if a student came to ask me a question in the canteen during a coffee break it was really difficult to hear them over the noise in the background,” admits Neil.

"As soon as I put the hearing aids in it was fantastic - my tinnitus was completely obliterated"

“Now I can pick up everything the students say, whether it’s a question from across the classroom or a chat with them between training sessions.”

Neil had also begun to find social situations difficult. “It got to the point where I wouldn’t go into my local café because I couldn’t hear over the noise of the coffee machine,” he says. “I wasn’t enjoying myself when I went out and was only hearing half of the conversation.”

After spotting the Amplifon branch on his local high street, Neil decided to have his hearing tested and was impressed by the technology and in-depth testing process.

“I had hearing tests before in the Navy, but my appointment at Amplifon was a lot longer and more detailed,” says Neil.

“Kathryn, my audiologist, gave me a real education, explaining exactly why I was struggling to hear, how the hearing loss had happened and, more importantly, what could be done to rectify the problem.”

After discussing with Kathryn the sort of hearing aids which would best address his hearing loss, Neil took a trial and was astonished by the impact on his hearing.

“My tinnitus was completely obliterated and the devices have given me a much better range of hearing.

“I remember taking my dog out for a walk in the autumn and realising I could hear the leaves crunching beneath my feet. It really has made a huge difference. “Now I love going to cafes for long breakfasts and the sound of the coffee machine no longer gets in the way of the conversation.”

Neil has noticed the change at work too – and so have his students.

“I can hear every word and every question they ask. It means I can be sure they’ve understood the training session and they can be confident when they come to me with a question.”

Neil is one of many people Amplifon has helped in more than 22 countries worldwide. As hearing health experts, Amplifon’s audiologists combine their expertise and the latest digital technology to provide tailored solutions to enable customers to hear clearly again in all environments and every situation.

Thanks to his experience with Amplifon Neil says he’d advise anyone not to hesitate when it comes to addressing hearing loss.

“Getting hearing aids really has improved my standard of living. Make the appointment, go and get it sorted out. It’ll make such a difference to your life.”

01 October 2017