09 August 2016

Around the World in Sound

Travel around the world in sound. Sound helps us to make sense of the world around us, and certain sounds can trigger memories. A recent survey by Amplifon, the worldwide dedicated hearing specialist found that two thirds of Brits say sounds evoke memories of places they have visited. 

09 August 2016

Amplifon launches NEW TV Advert

 Amplifon launches NEW TV Advert. Watch it here.
09 January 2017

Amplifon launches NEW TV Advert

We've just launched our NEW TV Advert! It was first aired on Monday 16th January just after 9.10am. Watch out We'd love to hear your feedback. Visit our Facebook page to leave your comments.

If you've not seen our NEW TV Advert that first started airing Monday 16th January, you can watch the advert here. We're really excited to be launching a brand new TV Advert and we hope that you like it. Let us know your comments on our Facebook page.

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Jan 16th 2017