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Cordless phones: clear sound quality


Amplicomms PowerTel 701

Volume Extra loud volume 40dB receiver / 90dB ringer
Price £59.99

PowerTel 701

The big button Amplicomms PowerTel 701 is an extra handset for any of the Amplicomms PowerTel range. Add up to 4 extensions in other rooms for ultimate comfort at home. Hearing aid compatible handset delivers loud and clear sound making every word more intelligible. 

Product Features

- Unique pairing process, add your extra handset fast and easy by pressing just two buttons - Extra loud volume 40dB receiver / 90dB ringer - Brilliant clear sound without distortion - 2 personal profile settings for volume & tone - Extra loud hands free speakerphone - Dedicated call transfer button - Tone equaliser for sound optimisation - High quality backlit XL display