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Hearing loss can be gradual or can happen suddenly. Either way, it’s a communication sense that you’re loved one has relied upon to help them make sense of what’s happening around them. Hearing loss can affect your loved one in a number of ways making simple everyday conversations frustrating and stressful.

Recognising that your loved one is experiencing difficulties with their hearing is one hurdle, helping your loved one acknowledge and accept that they may be struggling is another challenge. It’s important that you understand how your loved one feels and to support them showing them that the journey to better hearing is quite simple, with expert help and advice close by.

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Noticing whether you’re loved is asking you to repeat things, or they respond with an answer that’s disconnected to the question, or maybe the volume on the TV is noticeably higher or maybe you’ve noticed your loved is finding it difficult to keep track in a group conversation are just some of the situations where hearing loss can have a big impact on your loved ones day to day life.

It’s important to be aware of the impact hearing loss could be having on their emotional wellbeing. Fears of isolation, confusion and frustration about not being able to use their main communication tool as well as they used to are common feelings your loved one may be experiencing. This can also affect finances, relationships and social interactions.

Helping your loved one with hearing loss will enable them to enjoy social and personal experiences again. Knowing that they can hear the world around them, interacting in conversations with the ability to listen to sounds tailored at the right level can allow your loved one to lead a richer life and more fulfilling quality of life.

Our Audiologists truly believe that understanding how you hear today and your expectations for your hearing in the future along with scientific knowledge and human touch will help in defining the best solution tailored perfectly to their hearing concerns. Through pioneering digital technology we can really bring your loved one’s listening experience to life. 

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It can be a challenge having someone close to you who is experiencing hearing difficulties. We've put together some tips to help you start the conversation with those closest to you.

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