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Hearing is believing

Hearing explained

Hearing loss is a common problem and there are over 11 million people in the UK living with hearing loss today. It often develops with age or can be caused by repeated exposure to loud noises. Anyone can experience hearing problems, no matter what their age. We'll explain how your hearing works and how you ears and brain decipher sounds to help protect your hearing for the future.

Experiencing hearing loss

Sometimes it’s not easy to recognise the symptoms of hearing loss or know what type of hearing loss you may have. Amplifon are here for you and can provide help and advice on what you need to do and your next steps, where you can go for support and how our expert Audiologists can help you stay connected to the world around you.

Hearing solutions

Hearing aids can have a life changing impact on your life. It's a whole new world finding out about the different types and models of hearing aids. Your local Amplifon expert can talk you through the different types and models and what impact they can have on your life. Our hearing solutions start from £395 and are completely customised to you and your hearing needs providing you maximum comfort and a high quality listening experience.

Customer Stories

Sometimes listening to others who have struggled with their hearing and who have now found a solution to their hearing problems can be very helpful. Take a visit to our community and read or watch their stories.

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Uma's Story

Uma's Story

Watch 82 year young, Mrs. UMA RASTOGI's story and find out how hearing solutions from Amplifon re-introduced “THE JOY OF HEARING YOUR LOVED ONES” in her life


82 year young, Mrs. UMA RASTOGI, was experiencing difficulty in hearing her grandchildren’s innocent, kind and caring speech.
In-retrospect, Mrs. Uma Rastogi who is now 82 year young, told us that it was her dream to be a grandparent so that she could give all her love and care to her grandchildren. 

Unfortunately because of her age, her hearing abilities were gradually getting worse and she was hardly able to hear the sweet sound of her grandchildren. 

Mrs, Uma Rastogi, did not lose hope and was determined to find a viable solution for getting back the joy of hearing. 

It was through a friend who noticed the struggle Mrs, Uma found in hearing, that he recommended Amplifon as the best hearing solution which could re-introduce the complete joy of hearing for Mrs. Uma Rastogi.

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Mike's Story

Mike's Story

Hear how Mike had struggled with his hearing since his teens, but after a visit to Amplifon helped him to restore the balance - and change his life forever. 
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