Uma's Story

Watch 82 year young, Mrs. UMA RASTOGI's story and find out how hearing solutions from Amplifon re-introduced “THE JOY OF HEARING YOUR LOVED ONES” in her life


82 year young, Mrs. UMA RASTOGI, was experiencing difficulty in hearing her grandchildren’s innocent, kind and caring speech.
In-retrospect, Mrs. Uma Rastogi who is now 82 year young, told us that it was her dream to be a grandparent so that she could give all her love and care to her grandchildren. 

Unfortunately because of her age, her hearing abilities were gradually getting worse and she was hardly able to hear the sweet sound of her grandchildren. 

Mrs, Uma Rastogi, did not lose hope and was determined to find a viable solution for getting back the joy of hearing. 

It was through a friend who noticed the struggle Mrs, Uma found in hearing, that he recommended Amplifon as the best hearing solution which could re-introduce the complete joy of hearing for Mrs. Uma Rastogi.

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Joy's Story

 Joy's Story

Joy's Story

Watch Joy's story and find out how after 20 years of hearing problems, Joy is enjoying being part of the crowd again, rather than retreating from it.

It was when she started to struggle at work that Joy knew she had to do something about her hearing loss. Teaching people how to use computers, she would encounter problems when trying to answer a student's question while looking at their screen. But it wasn't just her work that was suffering.

The craft enthusiast also started having difficulties at craft fairs when trying to hear what was being said against a "cacophony" of sound.

"If you can't hear properly, it can be very isolating. You either switch off and don't contribute to a conversation, or you become frustrated because you're trying to keep up."

So Joy decided enough was enough.

"When I first went to the doctor, they said I was too young for hearing problems and wouldn't refer me to the hospital," she says. "I wondered what to do next, but Amplifon was next to where I worked, so I made an appointment to go in my lunch hour."

With Amplifon's help, Joy was able to explore all the options before deciding on the right hearing aid for her. The tailor-made approach and the aftercare, allowing her to return for minor changes, have been key, she says.

"We looked at the type of hearing aids that might be useful to suit my lifestyle and then I tried them out. If I've ever a problem, I am able to go back," she says. "That's been very important because there's nothing worse than having something in your ear that doesn't feel right. It's got to sound right and be suitable for your lifestyle."

Because her hearing loss was having a negative effect on her lifestyle, Joy admits having to have a hearing aid never bothered her: "People break a leg and they need a crutch - I needed to be able to hear so I've got a hearing aid."

The confidence she has gained from using her device means Joy is once again able to take an active part in social gatherings and it's had a positive impact at home.

"We've got some bamboo in the garden and I can hear it 'whooshing' - most people would take it for granted, but I couldn't hear that" she says.

"I can hear the birds, I can hear my granddaughter speaking to me, and I know I can cope in social gatherings now. I'm quite happy to go to a party or go on the beach at midnight at the end of the year because I know I'm not going to have to struggle anymore. It's all about being part of the human crowd that makes life what it is."

Sep 23th 2016