Uma's Story

Watch 82 year young, Mrs. UMA RASTOGI's story and find out how hearing solutions from Amplifon re-introduced “THE JOY OF HEARING YOUR LOVED ONES” in her life


82 year young, Mrs. UMA RASTOGI, was experiencing difficulty in hearing her grandchildren’s innocent, kind and caring speech.
In-retrospect, Mrs. Uma Rastogi who is now 82 year young, told us that it was her dream to be a grandparent so that she could give all her love and care to her grandchildren. 

Unfortunately because of her age, her hearing abilities were gradually getting worse and she was hardly able to hear the sweet sound of her grandchildren. 

Mrs, Uma Rastogi, did not lose hope and was determined to find a viable solution for getting back the joy of hearing. 

It was through a friend who noticed the struggle Mrs, Uma found in hearing, that he recommended Amplifon as the best hearing solution which could re-introduce the complete joy of hearing for Mrs. Uma Rastogi.

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Hari Kushwaha Story


Hari Kushwaha's Story

Watch Mr. Hari Kushwaha's story and find out how hearing aid after sale assistance and timely support from Amplifon India fulfilled his deficiency of hearing loss.

Let’s watch, what does he has to say about the solution to his problem from Amplifon India.

Q1. Tell us about your problem and the symptoms you were experiencing related to hearing loss?

A. While viewing television, hearing the dialogues, not being able to clearly com-municate nor understanding the audio while talking on the telephone was the problem.

Q2. How was you’re everyday life effected due to constant hearing loss? Did you ex-perience difficulty in communicating with a group of people?

A. Yes, it was very difficult to concentrate in outdoor and public places, communi-cating with a group of people was even more difficult.

Q3. What did you do about your problem and how did you solve your problem?

A. After acknowledging the symptoms of hearing loss, I purchased a hearing aid de-vice at an outstation visit to Chandigarh. However, i was advised through a friend to conduct a hearing test with an audiologist and only go to a certified clinic of Amplifon India. It was through the hearing test results that i was consulted and suggested to use the correct hearing aid as per my hearing health.

Q4. How was your experience of the using the services of Amplifon India’s?

A. Empathetic, prompt customer assistance, timely hearing checkups and a comfort-able after sale service from Amplifon India was greatly appreciated and praised.

Q5. Do you feel a change in your overall lifestyle after reaching out to Amplifon India?

A. Yes, i feel complete in my daily living and my lifestyle has also improved as I can communicate and understand better because of better hearing health.

Q6. How does it feel wearing a hearing aid.? Do you feel any difference in your hear-ing ability?

A. Currently, i use one hearing aid in my left ear and i think of it as an extension and an accessory which helps me hear better.

Q7. What would you like to suggest others, who are experiencing hearing loss? Would you recommend them to visit an audiologist at the first sign of hearing loss?

A. I suggest my friends to get a hearing test done and use the correct device to solve their hearing loss related problems. Also, I recommend hearing aid devices and af-ter sale assistance and timely support of Amplifon India.

06 December 2017