Uma's Story

Watch 82 year young, Mrs. UMA RASTOGI's story and find out how hearing solutions from Amplifon re-introduced “THE JOY OF HEARING YOUR LOVED ONES” in her life


82 year young, Mrs. UMA RASTOGI, was experiencing difficulty in hearing her grandchildren’s innocent, kind and caring speech.
In-retrospect, Mrs. Uma Rastogi who is now 82 year young, told us that it was her dream to be a grandparent so that she could give all her love and care to her grandchildren. 

Unfortunately because of her age, her hearing abilities were gradually getting worse and she was hardly able to hear the sweet sound of her grandchildren. 

Mrs, Uma Rastogi, did not lose hope and was determined to find a viable solution for getting back the joy of hearing. 

It was through a friend who noticed the struggle Mrs, Uma found in hearing, that he recommended Amplifon as the best hearing solution which could re-introduce the complete joy of hearing for Mrs. Uma Rastogi.

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Eddies Story


Eddie's Story

Watch Eddie's video and find out how the latest digital technology helped him to hear clearly again.

As his hearing worsened Eddie became more and more frustrated. A visit to Amplifon meant he can now hear his wife again - loud and clear!

A hearing test confirmed that a lack of ear protection in the workplace had damaged Eddie's hearing, meaning he was unable to pick up a lot of high frequencies. The older he got, the more of a problem it became.

"They gave me a free month's trial and I couldn't believe the difference the hearing aids made. I've been back to see Amplifon a few times and they've been brilliant, making adjustments to the type of hearing aids I needed to use and so on.

I'm able to hear a lot more clearly, and can basically get on and enjoy life. Now when my wife shouts at me I've got no excuse because I know what she's saying!"


Sep 23th 2016