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This application requires a browser that supports Web Audio and Web GL.

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This experience requires headphones

You’re about to be immersed into a world of 3D sound. You’ll need to be listening in both ears for this audio experiment to work properly.

Your hearing is one of your most vital senses for interpreting the world around you.

This experience will test your sense of hearing, as you try to pinpoint the sources of the sounds in 3 different locations.

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The art of hearing

A 3D interactive audio
experience by Amplifon

Listen closely to the sounds to try and pinpoint where they are coming from in the scene.

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Use your mouse to click and drag the scene into the centre of the target, then click in the centre to confirm your guess.

Click to guess this spot

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The art of hearing


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Not a bad score.

If you find that you’re struggling to hear sounds in real life everyday environments, you may want to book a hearing test.

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against people who should have a similar level of hearing.

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& gender

This information is completely anonymous and the data collected will only be used to compare scores across these demographics.

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Than most males < 17 year olds

Your Age and Gender will have an effect on the quality of your hearing and the rate of any potential hearing loss.

If you scored significantly lower than people in your age and gender, you may want to book a hearing test.