Summer Health Tips for your hearing

Hearing and Summer Threats

For most people, summer is our favourite time of the year. Here are our top tips to protect your hearing during summer. Enjoy your summer by taking a few simple steps to protect and care for your hearing and hearing aids.

Earplugs for the plane

Are you ready for take off? Plane travel can be particularly painful for some people. The ears can be affected by the air pressure change between the cabin atmosphere and inner ear.

This condition is called Barotrauma and causes inner ear pain or a sensation of blocked ears. Severe signs include pain in the ear, dizziness, blood/fluid discharge from the ear or hearing loss.

Wearing earplugs on a flight can help to reduce the effects of Barotrauma, alleviating the symptoms experienced during take-off and landing.


Swim and enjoy water with earplugs

Swimming is a really popular activity during a holiday but it's a major cause of ear infections - unfortunately they are becoming one of the most common health complaints of holiday makers.

If you swim in contaminated water, you risk painful bacterial ear infections which, if left untreated, can lead to a long road to recovery - not exactly the best way to spend precious holiday time.

So, what's the solution? Wear earplugs while swimming! Earplugs can provide a seal against infection and also prevent water from getting into your ears.

Ear protection for loud music

Summer is packed full of music events but noise levels of 110db for more than five minutes can damage your hearing. So whether you are clubbing in Ibiza, at a concert in a park, or enjoying a music festival, make sure you look after your hearing by wearing a good set of earplugs to reduce noise.


Taking care of your hearing aids

If you wear hearing aids, make sure you follow our tips on how to look after your devices over summer:

  • While most hearing aids are designed to handle moisture, use an electronic or chemical-based dehumidifier to store your hearing aids at night.
  • Be careful with your hearing aids when applying sun cream to your ears. Even though hearing aids are designed to be robust try not to get sun cream on them.
  • Hearing aids are designed to be water resistant they aren’t 100% waterproof so make sure you take them off before swimming.

If you need any hearing aid miantenance this summer, or you need the best custom fit ear plugs to protect your hearing, pop into your local Amplifon clinic today.


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