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Since the disruption caused by Coronavirus, many of our customers are realising the importance of their hearing as we are all watching more television and relying on phone or video calls to keep in touch with our loved ones.


Begin your free trial before July and get £1,000 off RRP - 40% discount

To make this incredible offer even better, you can also buy now and pay in 12 months’ time or pay over 6 months with interest free credit (please speak to your audioligist to find out more about the terms and conditions)

GN Resound Quattro 9 now only £2,795 a pair - Begin your free trial below!

  • The premium Quattro model
  • Small and perfectly designed
  • Allows for home calibration
  • Rechargeable with charger
  • Streaming in stereo directly to your wireless hearing aids. Offer full spectrum of  streaming, including directly from iOS and Android™ devices*

GN Resound Quattro 5 now only £1,995 a pair - Begin your free trial below!

  • Entry level model
  • Rechargeable model complete with portable charger
  • Streams calls & music in stereo directly from iOS and Android™ devices
  • Microphones focuses on speech and sounds you want to hear
  • Noise cancellation 

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