Veterans Hearing Fund

Benefits eligibility and application process

The Veterans Hearing Fund (VHF) is a fund managed and run by the Royal British Legion that provides support to veterans who acquired hearing loss during their Service. It is open to ex-servicemen and women who have a wellbeing need that cannot be met through statutory services (such as the NHS). The VHF may fund hearing aids, hearing device peripherals or therapies (e.g. lip reading).
Since the fund was launched in 2015, Amplifon have helped many Veterans hear better across our clinics in the UK.

How to apply for hearing aids

The Veterans Hearing Fund is managed by the Royal British Legion and supplies financial support for hearing aids or hearing equipment for eligible Veterans. 

The process is as follows:

  • Have your hearing assessed at an Amplifon clinic, where the audiologist will help understand if you may be likely to be eligible for funding.
  • Requirements For the Veterans Hearing Fund are one of the following;
  • In receipt of a war pension or armed forces compensation scheme for your hearing loss 
  • Received a lump sum payment for your hearing loss
  • Applied for compensation for your hearing loss
  • Provided hearing aids by the MOD
  • Have service medical records that show hearing loss

If you meet the requirements, your audiologist will fill out Veterans Hearing Fund (VHF) form and send it off along with any relevant medical records. The British Legion make a decision to be issued the second stage of the application. If you are successful your audiologist will then meet with you to discuss the most appropriate hearing aids that will meet you needs. Your audiologist will then complete the second stage of the application, the Veterans Hearing Fund (VHF) Final Stage Application. The application is then anonymised and presented to the VHF Advisory Panel to make the final decision.

If the application is approved, your audiologist will arrange for you to come and get your hearing aids fitting. All hearing aids come with a trial period, so you and your audiologist can be sure that you’re hearing as well as you can before signing you off. Following on from the fitting, we recommend you come and see us at least yearly, or more often should you need, to ensure that you get the most out of your hearing aids. 

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