Amplifon Bangalore Sarjapura Road

Columbia Asia Hospital, Sarjapura Road, Survey No- 818-849/903/1/ 46/2, Ward No -150, Ambalipura, Sarjapura Road.

Bangalore, 560102

Phone: 1800 103 3800

Phone: 1800 103 3800

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We can help to enrich your personal and social experiences so that you can regain the joy of hearing and interacting in the world around you.

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Welcome in Amplifon Bangalore Sarjapura Road

At Amplifon we are proud to help people reach their full hearing potentialevery day. It's our goal to make the process easy and enjoyable as possible. We hope you will allow us to help your hearbetter days!

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Our specialisations

Qualified experts

Qualified Audiologists

Qualified Audiologists

Skilled and experienced staff

Hearing specialists

Hearing care specialists

Hearing care specialists

We are the largest hearing care specialist company in the world

Audiometry tests

Audiometry tests

Audiometry tests

Diagnostics tests to help you understand hearing loss better

Best hearing aids

Best-in-class Hearing aids

Best-in-class Hearing aids

Best hearing aids available in the market

Excellent aftersales

Excellent after-sales service

Excellent after-sales service

We make sure we help our customers in case any repair is required

1 We're taking care of your hearing.
2 We have over 70 years worth of experience.
3 Support throughout your hearing journey.

Our services in Amplifon Bangalore Sarjapura Road

It's the first step to Better Hearing Health

At Amplifon Bangalore Sarjapura Road, we provide tailor-made services for your hearing aids. We understand the types of discomfort that hearing loss can bring to your life, whether you have a long-term hearing loss or have only recently been affected. We pride ourselves on providing our Indian customers with the highest quality of care and expertise and are committed to helping each customer with their individual hearing needs. If you think you may be suffering from hearing loss, come and visit our hearing centre and you will be greeted by our hearing care professionals and audiologists.

Amplifon takes care of your hearing throughout India!

Take advantage of our services! Visit our clinic at Amplifon Bangalore Sarjapura Road to find out more about: - Hearing tests with our most experienced hearing care professionals; - Offers on hearing aids, equipped with the latest technology; - Lifetime support for your hearing and hearing aids; - A wide range of hearing aid compatible accessories, from amplifiers and remote controls to telephones and alarm clocks. And, of course, you are welcome to receive a tailor-made service that fully meets your hearing needs.

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