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It doesn't matter if you're already wearing a hearing aid or not, our TV streamers/amplifiers allow you to just sit back and enjoy all of your favourite TV programs. Order from the comfort of your chair using the form at the bottom of the page.

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Vibrating alarm charger "Bellman 1260"
3274-U Pocketalker Ultra with Headset

The Pocketalker Ultra amplifies sounds closest to the listener while reducing background noise.

Telephone signal transmitter "Bellman 1431"
PKTE1-2.0-Pocketalker 2.0

This personal amplifier features an internal microphone and dual stereo isolation earphones.

3273 Pocketalker Pro with Binaural Earphones
3273 Pocketalker Pro with Binaural Earphones

Amplify the sound closest to you while reducing background noise.

3274 Pocketalker Pro with Headphones
3274 Pocketalker Pro with Headphones

This amplifier is ideal for one-on-one conversations, watching TV, noisy restaurants or meetings.

Ear handset Fischer Amps® FA Professional
Sennheiser TV Set 860

Stream your favorite TV shows directly to your ears using this set.

ComPilot II and TV Link II Bundle for Phonak wireless hearing aids
ComPilot II and TV Link II Bundle

Wireless connection to TV and hi-fi devices, as well as to telephones and MP3 remote control. Transmission via Bluetooth. Suitable for Phonak wireless hearing aids.

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