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Ensure your hearing loss does not hinder you from hearing all the household sounds. We offer a variety of solutions so you can easily hear the doorbell, hear your daily alarm clock, and in case of emergency be alerted of any smoke in the home. Explore our options below.

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iLuv TimeShaker Boom Alarm Clock
iLuv TimeShaker Boom Alarm Clock

This alarm clock comes with a rechargeable wireless patented shaker that allows you to subtly wake up without disturbing your partner. 

SafeWake Fire Alert System
SafeAwake Fire Alert System

This alert system responds to smoke and fire alarms to promptly wake the user by shaking the bed.

Alertmaster AM6000 Wireless Alerting System
Alertmaster AM6000 Wireless Alerting System

This system visually alerts you to the doorbell, telephone calls and alarm clock functions.

Silent Call Shake Up Kit
Silent Call Shake Up Kit

This system features a smoke detector with transmitter and a receiver with bed shaker.

Silent Call Smoke Detector
Silent Call Smoke Detector

This smoke detector provides 24 hour protection and transmits through doors and walls.

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