Our Best Tips for Choosing the Right Hearing Aid for Your Needs

Choosing the right hearing aid depends on many factors: degree of hearing loss, lifestyle and budget
Published on Feb, 14, 2019

Buying a hearing aid can be a challenging process, as there are so many options to choose from and factors to consider. In order to determine exactly what you need from a hearing aid and what type and style might suit you, it’s useful to consider the following questions and share your responses with a hearing professional.

What are your routine activities?

Lifestyle is one of the single biggest factors to take into account when purchasing a hearing aid. Do you frequently watch television? Are you an avid hiker and swimmer? Do you regularly talk on the phone? Do you often go out to restaurants or bars? Think about the activities you participate in most frequently in order to help you and your hearing professional to identify what you need to hear, where you need to hear it, and what level of wear and tear your hearing aid will need to withstand.

What is your work environment like?

Your professional life also plays a major role in determining your hearing aid needs. For example, musicians need to hear high notes and harmonies, while people who work in a distracting environment may benefit from a hearing aid that reduces background noise.

What is your level of manual dexterity?

Hearing aids that are worn in your ear or those that require relatively frequent battery changes are best for people with a high level of manual dexterity.

Is the newest technology comfortable or

Today’s hearing aids feature a number of advanced technological options, but not all of them may be appropriate to your situation. Taking into consideration what you need to hear and the level of control you want will help you to select or forgo additional features like remote-controlled sound programs, various types of microphones, and Bluetooth compatibility.

Have you previously worn hearing aids?

If you have purchased hearing aids before, consider your experience with your previous devices. What did you like about them and why? What would you change?

A qualified hearing professional can discuss these questions with you and help put together a clear picture of your lifestyle, then propose a hearing aid solution that is right for you. To speak with a licensed hearing expert today, contact your local Amplifon centre today.

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