Hearing Loss is Confirmed to be a Major Barrier to Education

Published on Feb, 17, 2019

The American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) has documented several cases of children, who experience the effects of hearing loss, but are not appropriately treated. They could be behind their peers, who are not hearing impaired, by atleast one to four grades. 

The repercussions of hearing impairment, in the classroom, are not always evident. When observing hearing impaired students in regular classrooms, researchers have seen them to act normally, exhibiting nervousness but appearing restrained from speaking out due to a fear of being mocked.

What are the effects of hearing loss on social development? There are plenty. Due to a poor or partial understanding of the speech of other children, kids with hearing loss, naturally, become inattentive, withdrawn and reclusive. When it comes to academia, their confusion and poor comprehension could lead to lower grades, and, consequently, a feeling of inferiority.

It is important for parents of children with hearing loss to act fast and help their kids fare better. Amplifon offers a range of imperciptible hearing aids to help kids feel no different than they would otherwise, while going about their everyday activities and being seated in the classroom. Contact one of our representatives, today, and we can help you.

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