Hearing Aid Market Value to be Worth Over 5000 Million by 2020

Published on Feb, 17, 2019

How much does hearing loss cost Canada, yearly? Around $20 billion, each year, as estimated by the Financial Post. There are about 7% of Canadian adults living with disabling hearing loss. This leads to lower quality of living as well as a higher rate of umemployment, amongst otherwise healthy adults. 

More than 1.7 million adults are not treated for their hearing loss. Whether this is due to the hearing aids' cost or the stigma associated with wearing hearing aids, is not exactly clear.

Amplifon focuses on empowering hearing-impaired adults by providing hearing aid solutions and the finest digital hearing aid technology. The hearing aids market is touted to grow to around 5 billion by 2020. Hearing loss costs approximately $11,800 per person, excluding the associated health care costs. Amplifon hopes to make quality of life better and more comfortable for those with hearing loss.

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