A New Software Could Boost Development in Hearing Aid Technology

Published on Feb, 14, 2019

As recently as a decade ago, hearing aids were large, over-the-ear, visible implants that made the wearer feel uncomfortable and hindered their everyday living. 

Greater connectivity and an improvement in hearing aid technology have lead to better functionality and mobility for wearers, today. 

Almost 50% of adults over 50, in Canada, suffer from some form of hearing loss. Many of them do not consult a doctor or act on their condition. Few conditions are treated similarly. For example, in comparison, a loss of vision would be taken seriously and receive treatment in a week or two. 

Even with the latest developments in hearing aid technology, it is tough to convince the elderly to wear this device. However, the explosion in weareable technology, and bluetooth connectivity, have made modern hearing aids, such as those manufactured by Amplifon, a preferred choice amongst the guardians of those with hearing loss.

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