Affordable Hearing Aids

Published on Dec, 07, 2020

Finding hearing aids affordable can be a challenge – most hearing aid prices average between $1,000 to $4,000 but treating hearing loss doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Cheap hearing aids don’t mean that they don’t have the highest quality hearing aid features. These modern devices have fundamental features that make living with hearing loss easier than ever. 

What features are available?

Our least expensive hearing aids are suited for your needs. In addition to being cost effective, these functional devices feature advanced technology. Directional microphones, feedback cancellation and speech and noise management help clarify the sounds you want to hear while reducing the ones you don’t. 

These hearing aids are comfortable and lightweight, giving you the freedom to hear a range of sounds with ease. They can also be custom to fit to your ear canal or behind your ear, depending on your preference. Our inexpensive hearing aids are also simple to use, with volume that can be set to your comfort level. Our hearing care professionals are here to help you understand and effectively use the features of your device as well. With free lifetime service and aftercare, they’ll always be ready to assist, to ensure your hearing aid keeps up with you.

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What options are out there?

While there are many hearing aids types to choose from, we offer some of the best inexpensive hearing aids on the market. By combining comfort with superior sound quality, these devices offer a functional hearing solution perfect for every day. Both RIC (receiver-in-canal) and BTE (behind-the-ear) models offer affordable solutions.

Price effective hearing solutions

Hearing aids not only improve your hearing, but they are an investment in your overall health. Your ears are a necessary part of everyday life. They help you do things you love, like listening to music, conversing with loved ones and appreciating everyday sounds; other benefits of wearing hearing aids include more positive and satisfying relationships, improved job performance, higher earning potential, reduced anxiety and increased confidence. They’re even linked to a reduced risk of dementia. Investing in hearing aids will give you all these benefits at an affordable price. 
Roughly 54% of Canadians aged 40 to 79 (8.2 million) have at least mild hearing loss based on audiometric testing. Amplifon hearing care professionals can work with you to find hearing solutions that fit every budget. To learn more, ask a professional about credit companies that specialize in healthcare financing. During your Amplifon visit, you may also inquire about financing options, available at many locations. Be sure to conduct a hearing aid price comparison to make sure you’re investing in the best device for your budget as well. 

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