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Alerting devices for hearing impaired

Sometimes hearing aids alone are not enough to detect all the important signals in your home. Be it the doorbell, the telephone or the smoke detector. Especially at night, if you do not wear your hearing aids, you lack a great deal of security here.

Vibrating alarm charger "Bellman 1260"
Charger "Bellman 1260"

For charging, the vibrating alarm charger "Bellmann 1470" can be used to supply the devices with the necessary energy.

Telephone signal transmitter "Bellman 1431"
Doorbell transmitter "Bellman 1411"

Integrated microphone detects up to three different rings. Is able to learn melodies. including external microphone.

Grey Phone Transmitter for Hearing impaired - Brand Bellman
Telephone signal transmitter "Bellman 1431"

Signals incoming telephone calls and can also be used as a universal transmitter for any purpose.

Table lamp "Bellman 1441"
Table lamp "Bellman 1441"

Sends light signals to alert you to a telephone, doorbell, baby monitor or smoke detector.

Smoke detector "Bellman 1480"
Smoke detector "Bellman 1480"

In case of smoke or excessive heat triggers a signal. Sends signal to all possible Bellman Visit receivers.

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Safety systems from Bellman & Symfon

Be on the safe side with Bellman & Symfon products: These can be easily complemented with your hearing aids or attract attention by themselves, emitting clear light signals, vibrating strongly or being particularly loud. Everything to give you and your loved ones a reassuring feeling.

The "Visit System" by Bellmann & Symfon

The "Visit System" from Bellman & Symfon unites products that work together wirelessly. This will save you unnecessary clutter and you can easily customize your system at any time to your needs. Modern technology is sometimes difficult to handle. That's why all components of the Visit System are designed to be easy to use.

Available from Amplifon

Obviously, all Bellman & Symfon accessories are available from your Amplifon store. Here you can also find out if your health insurance company will pay the costs in whole or in part. You will be advised in detail about the individual modes of operation, and the appropriate devices for your personal requirements will be found together. Everything perfectly matched and combinable with your hearing aids. We at Amplifon help you with the installation and are always available to answer your questions. 

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