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Our Latest Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Have you heard of Amplifon’s range of rechargeable hearing aids? Say goodbye to fiddly batteries!
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Ampli Energy Rechargeable Hearing Aids

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Say goodbye to those fiddly little batteries, say hello to our latest technology

  • Power up and feel confident getting through your day without fiddling with batteries
  • Quick 30 minute charge for those urgent top ups
  • 4 hour charge can give up to 24 hours of battery life
  • Exceptional sound quality allowing speech to be heard more clearly 
  • Improving listening in difficult hearing situations
  • Simple to use with no need to remove or replace batteries
  • Controlled directly from compatible iPhone or Android smartphones
  • Compatible smartphone connectivity allows you to hear phone calls and music directly through your hearing aids

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FIll in the form above to get started