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Hearing Aids & Hearing Tests in Middlesbrough

Perfectly situated in the Hill Street Shopping Centre area, our Middlesbrough Amplifon branch offers advice and support from experts in the field of hearing aid Audiology, ensuring that we're there should you need any help choosing a hearing aid or you just want to ask some questions about your hearing, we're here to help you.

It's easy to arrange a free hearing check and you can leave knowing the full health of your ears and what you're next steps are. Our professional team of Audiologists are experts in their field, and as the World's leading dedicated hearing specialist, caring and supporting our customers is our priority. We'll talk you through what's happening, and advise you if you need a hearing aid. We can help you choose a style; you might like a behind-the-ear device or an in-ear hearing aid, depending on your hearing and the problem. You can select from a large choice of models from a range of top brands.

You'll also receive full aftercare within the branch, so once you've had your hearing aid fitted you'll be able to pop in if you need any repairs, advice or even just a battery replacement. To learn about the full range of services Amplifon offers from your local Middlesbrough branch, simply call us on 01642 931327 or pop in to speak to one of our experts.

Please find below a list of services provided by Amplifon Middlesbrough.

  • Free No obligation Hearing Test
  • Latest Digital Hearing Aid technology
  • Personalised service
  • Free trial
  • Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Communication and Noise Protection Products
  • Aftercare service
  • 5* service checks
  • Expert advice and support


To find out more about the services that Amplifon Middlesbrough offer, why not give us a call on 01642 931327 (local call rates apply) or to book a free no obligation hearing test use the button below.