Hearing aids & tests in Braunton

Looking after your hearing is just as important as looking after your eyesight. If you suspect you might have hearing loss, why not pop into the Braunton branch and speak with our experienced Audiologist in complete confidence. Our hearing test appointments are free at Amplifon's Day Centre branch in Braunton.

We provide a complete service for hearing aid users, including comprehensive tests conducted by trained hearing aid audiologists, a wide selection of devices from trusted brands like ReSound and Phonak, and a Lifetime Aftercare programme that includes servicing and hearing reassessments.

We know how valuable your hearing is to you. Through our personalised service and with devices costing as low as £395, we aim  to ensure that our customer have access to affordable hearing aid technology.

If you're concerned about your hearing or are in need of some advice, get in touch with your Braunton hearing centre today. You can call us on 01237 870470.