ReSound Vea 2

Colour 5 available colour choices

¬£695 per pair


Suitability Mild to severe hearing loss
Models available

BTE (Behind the ear)

ITE (In the ear)

ReSound Vea 2

Explore the features and benefits of the ReSound Vea 2 which can provide your loved one good all round listening experiences. This hearing aid offers digital technology to provide them with good sound performance and sound quality to enable them to enjoy conversations more naturally. The ReSound Vea 2 is suitable for people with mild to severe hearing loss. It utilises nano technology which is the waterproof repellent applied to prolong the life of the hearing aid. Your expert Audiologist will talk your loved one through the benefits of this type of hearing solution and how it could help them make day to day life to understand. If you have any questions in regards to the ReSound Vea 2 hearing solution or how you can arrange a free trial, please get in contact with your local branch or book an appointment for further information and product demonstrations.

Product Features

- Digital technology to meet their fundamental hearing needs - Sophisticated noise reduction to keep sounds clear - Ability to reduce whistling noises - Can track any manual volume changes through it's datalogging feature - Easy to control volume and settings - Comfortable to wear and easy to handle


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