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Amplifon provides exclusive solutions which make it possible for millions of people to improve their auditory communication in every listening environment and to rediscover the joy of hearing the sounds of everyday life. That’s not all. Amplifon is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility and works everyday to increase public awareness about how to prevent and treat hearing problems in order to offer maximum protection of what is one of our most important senses.
In Amplifon our business mission is our social mission: this is the key to our success and the uniqueness of our business model.
Together with Amplifon Centre for Research and Studies (CRS), for example, it was possible to move forward with the Group’s most important initiative in the quest for increased public awareness: the Consensus Paper. Each year Amplifon selects a specific topic dedicated to a particular aspect of hearing problems which is further explored by the most important international experts on the subject. More in detail, these, Italian as well as foreign, experts, doctors and scholars help to compile a short paper, of scientific value, but written for the general public, in which the latest developments in research relating to the theme are discussed.
After the first edition in 2011, in which a team of Italian scholars discussed the impact of aging on hearing, in 2012 the horizons of the Consensus Paper were expanded to include European medical researchers which, thanks to the Amplifon’s coordination, gave life to a paper entitled “Hypoacusis in children: hearing to grow up”.  Lastly, in 2013 the project assumed a truly worldwide dimension: translated in 4 languages and distributed throughout Europe and the United States, an American researcher (Prof. Frank Lin M.D. Ph.D. of  Johns Hopkins University - U.S.A.) was also involved in the 2013 Consensus Paper which focused on the correlation between hearing loss and cognitive aging.